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Ladakh is a trekking paradise. There are numerous trekking trails in Leh Ladakh that passes through many beautiful landscapes. Markha valley, Lamayur – Chilling, Lamayuru – Padum and Sham treks are some of the most popular treks. Acclimatization is the most important activity before heading for trekking and mountaineering. Ladakh is the right place for trekkers with plenty of opportunities to fit all adventurers and nature enthusiasts. One can trek for a day to one month exploring the local life styles, culture, landscapes, flora and fauna. Ever thought of trekking on a frozen river? Ladakh is the right place for that. A part of the Zanskar River freezes during the winter and is used as trekking route by many seasoned trekking enthusiasts. The trek is one of its kinds in Leh Ladakh.

Cultural tours/Jeep Safaris

Culture of Ladakh is very unique in India which gives different identity to the land of Ladakh and its natives. From beautiful landscapes, assimilation of many racial groups, distinct language, custom, tradition, living Tibetan Buddhism, numbers of hilltop monasteries to hospitable atmosphere, Ladakh is actually a definition of real attraction. Flora and fauna and beautiful lakes add color to the land of high passes. And in the Indus valley one can tour for weeks as the region of Ladakh is bigger than Austria. While touring one can experience real pleasure with peace of mind and have real joy of being in Himalaya. Powerful and comfortable taxis, experienced and well mannered staff, and fresh air helps you feel the real comfort and safety.

Educational Tours

India makes for a fabulous destination for educational tours for its rich historical, cultural, and religious past as well as its geographic diversity and wildlife. Educational Tours to India include historical and cultural tours, wildlife and birding tours, spiritual and pilgrimage tours, adventure sports tours, temple tours, visit school/college and interact with students, and a host of other customized educational tour packages.

Educational Tours to India encompass a wide range of subjects and packages that match the interests of individuals and groups alike. With Educational Tours to India, you can travel to the historical site and culturally rich destinations in India. The Educational tours to pilgrimage destinations – be it churches, temples, mosques, Buddhist and Jain monasteries, or synagogues – lend a single voice to the plurality of religions in India.
Adventure tours into the ecological havens of India demand a respect for nature and a will to test the extent of your adventurous spirit.

Mountain Expeditions

Ladakh is mountaineers delight given by its several mountain ranges like Karakoram, Zangskar and Ladakh Ranges. The most famous and easily accessible is the Stok Khangri (6,150 mtrs.) massif in Zangskar range, south of Leh. It offers a spectacular view of Indus valley and Karakoram Range. Other peaks in this area include Golaib Khangri (5,900 mtrs.), adjacent to Stok is Matho west (5,950 mtrs.) and many unnamed peaks in the same range. The Kangyatse peak (6,400 meters.) lies south east of Leh and is reached via the famous Markha Valley trek of 9 days. There are many other peaks around Kangyatse on the altitude range of 5,500 meters and 6,400 meters, which are also available for climbing in the Nimaling plateau. The Nun-Kun massif in the greater Himalayan range is easily accessible from Kargil-Padum road. The shortest possible approach is to trek to the base camp makes this massif the most attractive climbing destination in the great Himalayas. Among its six known peaks accessible from Suru Valley is Nun (7,135 meters) and Kun (23,213 feet.) is the highest.

Bike/Cycle Expeditions

Biking at the altitude of atleast 3000 mts above the sea level is no kidding. We offer biking expeditions for number of days depending on one’s convenience and time. Such expeditions are done in Ladakh and from Leh to Manali or vise-versa. One day biking is also done from the Khardungla pass (highest motorable road in the world, 18380 feet).

Motor bike expeditions

Such expeditions are done starting from Delhi and end up in Leh (capital of Ladakh) via Manali or it can be done the other way round. Doubtless to say, the roads of Ladakh are scaled with the roar of your motor bike. A pick up car follows for emergencies and a mechanic accompanies.

River Rafting

The icy heights of the Himalaya are the source of some of India’s mighty rivers. Fed by innumerable streams, they race along tortuous boulder – strewn beds, cutting deep gorges, and breaking into silvery white rapids. An intricate network of thundering Mountain Rivers, flowing through an amazing landscape of thrilling gorges and remote villages of Ladakh provide ideal settings for some dramatic water adventure. Fun, adventure and great outdoors! You will find all those things in rafting and fall in love with this exciting sport. We offer a variety of the wildest rides that enable you to choose your own pace. Indus in Ladakh is on high altitude so it becomes more excitement for the people who want to negotiate the soft smooth path of Indus or the difficult one from Nyemo. Zanskar River rafting on the other hand is splashier and little more rapid than the Indus. Rafting can be done for a day or as an expedition for 9-10 days.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is an ancient Indian body of knowledge that dates back more than 500 years ago. The word “Yoga” came from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means “to unite or integrate.” Yoga then is about the union of a person’s own consciousness and the universal consciousness. Ancient Yogis had a belief that in order for man to be in harmony with himself and his environment, he has to integrate the body, the mind, and the spirit. For these three to be integrated, emotion, action, and intelligence must be in balance. The Yogis formulated a way to achieve and maintain this balance and it is done through exercise, breathing, and Meditation – the three main Yoga structures. 

Meditation is actually becoming a practice that is quite popular in the Western world among people from all walks of life. If you are not familiar with meditation, you may still be wondering, “What is meditation?” Essentially, the answer to the question is a simple one. Meditation is an approach that anyone can use to help them cope with medical problems, stress, and anxiety by way of thought, contemplation, and reflection. Meditation can bring about healing of both the body and the mind by using deliberation of thought and consideration. There are various physical benefits that can be experienced when meditation is made to be a part of daily life. Some physical benefits of meditation include a decrease in blood pressure and an improvement in breathing due to the increase of air flow that gets to the lungs. Those who use meditation regularly also find that their resting heart rate is lower as well, which takes some of the stress off the heart. Chemicals in the body that are associated with stress are lower as well, which leads to less anxiety. Meditation also promotes youthful skin and a youthful appearance. Meditation is a practice that brings about not only physical benefits, but psychological benefits as well. Bringing oneself to a state of rumination through meditation has amazing effects on the psych of a person. Relaxation and a decrease in stress are rather obvious benefits, but many people do not realize that meditation can also improve moods and memory and decrease moodiness and depression.

We organize daily Yoga and Meditation classes, one week or one month courses taught by professional trainers. Imagine yourself practicing Yoga and Meditation in the womb of Himalaya.

Domestic and International meets

We organize domestic and international meets like, seminars, conferences, etc. also in an official & corporate atmosphere.


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