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Marjan Lep and family, Slovenia

1. Last autumn (22nd December, 2014 – 3rd January, 2015) four of us decided to spend Christmas holidays in planes of India and ask Visionhimalya (Tsultim) to compose “something”, indicating some preferences and must-see points of interests. The company proposed very challenging itinerary at surprisingly attractive price. We were curious if this all will work – night trains, internal flights on “just in time concept” and expected low standard hotels. But – although some scheduled trains and flights were late due to fog – transfers were reorganized, everything was smooth and hotels were very good to excellent. So, at the end, being back in Europe, we don’t have dramatic stories of chaotic experience to report. We had travelled with visionhimalaya earlier in 2010 (8th-26th) in Ladakh and Manali for 8 days trek and cultural and geographical tour and once earlier than that also. We enjoyed all our trips at fullest. So, Vision Himalaya treks & tours- Great job!

‘Jean-Yves Bizot and family France

2. ‘We traveled quite many times now in India with Tsultim (with his travel agency). The first we met him, we travelled with our very young boy, 3 years and an half old, to visit Buddhist Monasteries in Laddakh. He knows a lot about the temple, the religion, and the discussions were always rich and interesting. And he took care very well of our son, like his own. After this first very good contact, we organized with him a small trek in Laddakh for our 2 young children and my nephew, with a stay in Delhi, Agra and Gwalior. We return in India, two years ago, still with Tsultim, doing an harder trek in Laddakh, and visiting Orcha and Khajuraho. If Tsultim knows very well his region, the experience in the rest of India is really really incredible ! Thanks a lot !

Danielle, Canada

Having worked with Tsultim to improve educational opportunities for youth in his area - I can confidently say that he is a really great guy who is also organized, a great communicator and effective at getting the job done right. For all these reasons we had Tsultim (Vision Himalaya Treks & Tours) setup a trip for us to go hiking and stay in a village, and also a separate trip to drive through the highest pass and check out the area on the other side - including camel riding, walking/hiking as well as some excellent cultural sites. He did a fantastic job of fitting the right trip to the time and budget that we had, there were no issues and we will forever be grateful for his help and great expertise.

Rosi and Bryan Levman, Toronto, Canada.

Thanks so much to Vision Himalaya Treks & Tours for the wonderful trips of May-June, 2006 (for 29 days) Ladakh for Markha valley trek and cultural tour, 17th-24th May, 2009 in Ladakh, 6th-16th June, 2011 in Ladakh and Kashmir! It was an experience that we'll remember the rest of our lives. There is no better way to see Ladakh than walking through the back country, in the valleys, and over the mountains. You see the people and the way they live and the magnificent landscape that makes Ladakh one of the most awesome places in the world to visit (and live in!). How can we describe the experience of sleeping in tents right beside the glaciers, visiting ancient sights, seeing the monasteries filled with sculptures and manuscripts preserving the ancient wisdom of Buddhism. And the people are wonderful! Friendly, modest, with no airs and no sense of "self" like we find all over the Western world. Moreover, you yourself introduced us to the places, cultures and people. You were a wonderful, knowledgeable, kind and extremely competent. It was a pleasure travelling with you. We hope to come back soon!

" Ninni Ferro, Italy

" I had the opportunity to travel in Ladak, Zanskar and Kashmir a few years ago on a journey organized by Mr Tsultim Dorjey (Vision Himalaya Treks & Tours). It was a wonderful experience that I enjoyed very much!

Ted Tombling (Expedition Leader) , UK, January 2015

Tsultim's greatest asset is the calm and friendly manner shown to his clients at all times in any situation and his wealth of knowledge. As a man indigenous to Ladakh his knowledge on India and in particular the Himalayan regions of India and countries of the Great Himalaya make his itineraries interesting. He is an authority on Buddhism, Monasteries and temples which he studied for many years at University in Delhi. Since the year 1995, in Summer periods he has been guiding expeditions, consisting mainly of Europeans, Americans and Canadians. As his experience broadened he started his own business (Vision Himalaya Treks & tours), developing it to the high standards he is able to deliver today and been organizing adventure and leisure trips since many years now.

Robert, London, UK

'In the summer of 2009 Tsultim Dorjey led us on a month-long journey from Srinagar in Kashmir to Padam in the Zanskar Valley, on to Leh, and then from Leh to Manali. We were a party of three, travelling in a people carrier. A truck carrying camping and kitchen equipment and a team of Nepali kitchen staff accompanied us. Tsultim managed our departure from Srinagar, where security was tight and the atmosphere tense and uneasy, very smoothly. Throughout our month-long journey Tsultim introduced us to the people we met, explained the local culture and showed us a thousand things we would have missed without his guidance. He also liaised with and managed our team of Nepali kitchen staff, keeping good humour, high morale, order and discipline throughout. All three of us greatly appreciated Tsultim's company and friendly relations. Not often can you spend a month with someone and not once have any tension or difficulty. Our journey was unforgettable, has not been forgotten, and we keep in regular contact with Tsultim, a contact we value highly. Since 2009 Tsultim has also managed and overseen our sponsorship of a young Ladakhi boy's schooling with complete efficiency, integrity and grace, continually keeping us informed of progress and developments.' He now runs his own company called “Vision Himalaya Treks & Tours” with great care and professionally since many years.

Antonella, Milan, Italy

“I spent my holidays in Ladakh some years ago. It was a special year in my life. Some worries at that time, not everything was going in the right direction. As soon as I arrived in Ladakh, I immediately found a new dimension, peace with myself, with the others and with my life. Beautiful landscapes, welcoming monks, several monasteries, colorful peace flags hanging all over, ginger tea, traditional celebrations and dresses (not worn for the tourists, but because they really still use them), more than one over 5.000 slm pass, and many other beautiful things! We were lucky: we met Tsultim, our guide, a true Ladakhi guy. He spent a lot of time telling us about their traditions, about the religion, about the different Buddha statues and their meanings. He introduced us to his family and to his uncle; his uncle is a monk. We were welcomed by him in his cell within the monastery and we met the children of the school. We visited a group of nuns and we experienced the butter tea. Really a beautiful experience, still in my memory.”

Angela and Ambrogio, Milan, Italy

We were in Ladakh some years ago. We will never forget the experience we had. It is a beautiful country, friendly and with breathtaking landscapes and very interesting monasteries. Tsultim Dorjey was our excellent guide and we are very grateful to him for his constant support. We highly recommend his company “Vision Himalaya Treks & Tours” and services to all travelers.

Ugo Banfi e Cosmina Colombi (Italy)

Beautiful mountains scenery, interesting buddist culture, charming people, but more the difference was the presence of Tsultim! Prepared, patient, organized and more, likeable! We hope to travel again, as soon as possible, with him! Greetings!